Geophysical Society of Kansas



  • February 3: Dr. Gary Mavko, associate professor, geophysics, and co-director, Rock Physics and Borehole Geophysics Project, Stanford University, SEG Distinguished Lecturer
    Rock Physics Strategies for Facies and Fluids Mapping
    [Cancelled due to conflict with North American Prospect Expo]
  • March 23: James W. Bogardus, PGS
    HD3DTM from Theory to Application: A 3D Seismic Acquisition Case Study from the Wichita Mountain Front, Oklahoma
  • April 13: Dr. Arcangelo G. Sena, Veritas Exploration Services
    Case Study: SAGO Steam Flood Project Using Simultaneous Inversion of Pre-Stack Seismic Data
    [Cancelled due to weather]
  • April 27: Cara Kiger, Product Manager, Input-Output Corporation
    Full-wave Acquisition with VectorSeis
  • May 24: Scott Stockton, Rocky Mountain Regional Manager,Vector Seismic Data Processing
    Vector High Fidelity Seismic Processing
  • September 15: Bill Fahmy, ExxonMobil Corp., SEG/AAPG 2006 Fall Distinguished Lecturer
    DHI/AVO Best Practices Methodology and Applications
  • November 2: Dr. Steven Roche, Veritas DGC
    Harvest 3C3D: Delineating a Sandstone Reservoir Using PP and PS Data
  • December 7: David Brumbaugh, Pogo Producing Company
    A Stratigraphic Analysis Using Waveform Matching Techniques Via the Similarity Factor