Geophysical Society of Kansas



  • February 8: Dr. Matthew Brzostowski, WesternGeco
    Integration of Seismic and Reservoir Properties
  • March 7: SEG Distinguished Lecturer Dr. Leonard Srnka, ExxonMobil Corporation
    Illuminating Reservoirs with Electromagnetics
  • April 5: Galen Treadgold, Weinman Geoscience
    Barnett Shale Prospecting with 3D Seismic Processing and Analysis
  • May 3: Dr. Kurt Marfurt, University of Houston
    Attribute-Assisted Illumination of Natural Fractures
  • May 24 27: Don W. Steeples, McGee Distinguished Professor of Geophysics and Vice Provost for Scholarly Support, University of Kansas, SEG Distinguished Lecturer
    Some Stupid Shallow Seismic Experiments I Have Done
    [GSKS talk cancelled due to redundancy with Mid-Continent AAPG meeting]
  • October 11: Gary Perry, VP Dallas Reservoir Services, Geotrace
    Pre-stack InversionóTake a Good, Close Look at Your Rocks From Miles Away
  • November 8: Rob Mayer, Hampson-Russell Software and Services, a CGGVeritas Company
    Use of Seismic Attributes in the Creation of Rock Property Maps and Volumes
  • December 13: JoŽl Le Calvez, Schlumberger
    Induced Microseismic Events to Monitor Hydraulic Fracture: Theory, Usefulness, Examples, Pitfalls