Geophysical Society of Kansas



  • January 15: Joël le Calvez, Schlumberger
    Shaly Behaviors Revealed--Examples of Lessons Learned Using Microseismic Monitoring During Hydraulic Fracturing and Re-Fracturing
  • March 19: Bill Wepfer, Echo Geophysical
    Two F’s Make An A! High Performance Prospecting with FreqEnhance™ & Flexbinning
  • April 9: Morgan Brown, Wave Imaging Technology
    Wave Equation Simulation, Depth Imaging, and Velocity Analysis Over Shallow Salt
  • September 24: Bill Pramik, PGS Onshore
    Improving the Imaging Capability and Interpretability of Seismic Data through Proper Parameter Selection
  • October 22: Bill Goodway, SEG Honorary Lecturer, EnCana Corporation, Canada
    The Magic of Lamé
  • November 11: Luke Wilkens, SLB Z-Seis Business Development
    Crosswell Seismic Imaging